Student Blogging Challenge Comment!

Hi Everybody,

It’s Caz here! As you already know, I signed up for the student blogging challenge. I forget to put a post up about the comment I left on the blog so, here it is! It is all about why I signed up and what made me want to be in TSBC!

Hi Student Blogging Challenge,
These are my answers to your questions!

Why did you join the blogging challenge? I wanted to learn more about blogging, and I wanted to meet new bloggers and see new blogs!

What do you hope some of the activities include? I hope they include writing comments to other bloggers and writing posts!

Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks? I hope I learn how to do good comments and how to interact with more people around the Blogging World!

Bye for Now,


P.S This is a task for The Student Blogging Challenge!

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  2. I think that your blog is good and you are so welcomed and I would like to welcome you!

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